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MintMine IEO - Transparent Hydro Powered Bitcoin Mining Done Right

High Lifetime Payouts
The mining setup is maintained and optimized to perfection by a reliable team of experienced mining guruswith the most cost-effective gear - the Antminer S17 (53-56 TH/s).
With a team like that you can rest easy knowing you will keep receiving high quarterly payouts for years to come.

The ROI you can't deny
It is hard to deny that most Bitcoin farms fail because they just can't pay the bill when markets become unstable.But there's an easy fix to mitigate that risk, pay the bill upfront!We've chosen to do just that with the cheapest, most reliable source of clean energynature.

The Pinacle of Hydro-powered Goodness
Undeniably the thorn in bitcoin mining's foot is electricity.It's an aspect of mining that can not be taken lightly for when it is - entire operations can fail.

So what is MintMine's solution?
Mainly - we get the best price for clean electricity in the world from Canada -the world's second largest hydro-power producer.
Electricity will be priced just at $0,033/kWh.We do it by paying 1 year upfront - it's that simple.

Learn more about MintMine's solutions here
Official Website

Buying electricity upfront means that we will keep on even when others cannot.
Come visit us, have a chat and see yourself!

We are located in Quebec, Canada the state of the art mining facility is right near the biggest power plant in North America.It's a 10,000 sq. ft facility constructed in May 2018 using brand new equipment of the highest quality.
With up to 6.7 Megawatts of clean zero-CO2 power at our disposal there will be no limit to scalability.


Official Whitepaper
Join Telegram Channel:
Read and follow Medium:
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 148 - DOGE4DOGE - Building a Worldwide Brand

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
With our Bootstrap Service Economy starting to take shape, I think now is an excellent time for us to talk about Marketing and Advertising and how we're actually more than just a coin - why we're building a Worldwide Brand.
And why that's a great thing.
You see, I read a post today from slipstream-
Reading comments on hacker news and found this interesting comment related to dogecoin...
Which got me thinking. See, traditionally, I've never been a 'sales' person or an 'Advertising' person. In fact, I have, especially when I was younger, espoused a very... uh... Bill Hicks-ish (warning: NSFW language) approach to the topic.
So what changed?
Mostly, my perspective.
Marketing and Advertising are tools, no more or less bad than hammers or power saws. Heck, I spent all last weekend Advertising for the Lego Movie without even realizing it. (Seriously, I'm not being paid for this, but check it out, it's awesome).
But we do it all the time.
We want people to know about and appreciate the same things that we do. We tell people where to try good food, where the best grocery deals are, where the cheapest gas is, what Radio stations we like, what TV shows and movies we're watching.
If you've ever used a Foursquare-ish app to announce your location, you're Advertising for someone - doing their work for them. If you've ever raved about how awesome Game of Thrones is... you're Advertising.
Most of us don't realize it, but there's actually quite a difference between Marketing and Advertising. Advertising is only about getting the word out there - it is only a small part of the Marketing process.
But Marketing itself covers quite a large number of other factors:
"Market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement." (From above, linked article)
And, whether we realize it or not, we're actively taking part in this process, daily.
Here's a brief set of examples, just off the top of my head:
Market Research - What are the other coins doing? What's Bitcoin/Litecoin/etc doing?
Media Planning - Hey, let's help get the Jamaican Bobsled Team to Sochi.
Public Relations - See our What is Dogecoin Video
Product Pricing - How many threads exist about us watching the price and waxing poetic about where it should and shouldn't be?
Distribution - Tipping
Customer Support - /Dogeducation, for one.,, all sorts of options there.
Sales Strategy - DOGE4DOGE is all about helping our coin gain acceptance locally and worldwide
Community Involvement - I'm pretty sure this one goes without saying
Where Marketing and Advertising go to the Dark Side is when it becomes about Lies. When you can't actually sell the product on its merits.
The International Brand that we're building with Dogecoin is something that WE'VE had a say in every step of the way. Our symbol, our coin, has come to represent our values of Fun and Kindness, Compassion and Camaraderie - worldwide, no matter what language you speak.
We fight for the the Underdoge - and we believe that the future of money is in showing appreciation for people, instantly, no matter where they are in the world. Financially empowering the people who are working to make their world a more fun, more interesting, better place to live.
No one person did this. You did, all of us did.
Because we wanted it bad enough.
We took a joke and made the world laugh along with us - and there is more joy and laughter and fun and kindness in the world... thanks to you.
Thanks to Dogecoin.
So while some people might scoff and roll their eyes, I feel that we should continue to pick up and use the tools that we've been given.
Because 'Money' is the least revolutionary thing about us.
We're not 'going' to change the world.
We ARE changing the world.
And we're only just getting started.
It's 9:05AM EST and we're at 81.05% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is holding strong at ~46 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is down from ~866 to ~713.
As always, I appreciate your support!
DOGE4DOGE - Bootstrap Service Economy - Shibes helping Shibes for Dogecoins - Add yourself to this list in the comments!
Huge ups to calyxa for taking the time put this crazy list in order and add categories. Thank you!!
Engineering and Industry:
Game Tutorial - On-line and Board Games:
Graphics, Video and Art - Tutorial and Service:
Hardware Repair - Tutorial and Service:
Health and Agriculture:
Human Languages:
Programming and Web Development:
School Tutoring
Writing / Editing:
Projects in need of your attention!
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Welcome to r/STRAKS!

Welcome to STRAKS!

This thread is built to help users joining STRAKS and the STRAKS community. Please make sure to follow our rules (posted in the sidebar and below). Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and ask questions no matter how dumb :). This thread should be considered up to date. However, if you find something that is incorrect, out of date, or simply missing then please contact me or other moderators so we can update it. Thank you!

Getting Started

What is STRAKS?

STRAKS (STAK) is a cryptocurrency platform with only one goal in mind. Innovate e-commerce with the use of digital currency to facilitate smooth, instant, and secure e-commerce transactions.
With e-commerce sales projected to reach over $2.8 trillion in 2018 and $4.8 trillion in 2021 and Bitcoin showing signs of failure due to increasing fees and the inability to process large amounts of transactions, STRAKS seeks to take hold with the ability to process over 11 million transactions a day, 40 times the amount Bitcoin can process. This ensures that STRAKS will be able to handle every single transaction with a low fee. This keeps your transactions in a secure and trusted blockchain where miners keep your transactions and the networks secure and safe, making it the easiest and cheapest way to securely purchase goods online.
The main attributes of STRAKS are:


  • With quickly growing global e-commerce sales STRAKS seeks to assert itself by implementing relevant technologies achieved through development that will help make sure e-commerce transactions are smooth and quick.

Open Source

  • Open Source development allows anyone to contribute by simply making a pull request through GitHub. With anyone contributing innovation will lead to rapid product enhancements that will strengthen STRAKS market relevance.

Decentralized Ownership

  • Devolved ownership and access rights, this ensures that the application and STRAKS lifespan are not dependent on a single individual. This allows STRAKS future to be safeguarded, but also your investment and partnerships.

Community Oriented

  • Focusing on the importance of its community, the STRAKS development team is collecting feedback and suggestions from the community. Future implementations such a STRAKS-Vote is on the road-map that will allow STRAKS users to propose suggestions then vote on them. Coins collected from voting will form the basis of funding the idea.


  • With constant optimization towards transaction speeds you can send and receive STRAKS instantly. With the inclusion of Segwit that increase block-size and capacity it will ensure that the network grows. Segwit with the combination of a block interval of just 60 seconds ensures that your transaction with be confirmed quickly and safely.


  • Nothing is more important to STRAKS than its community and investors. Safe-guarding both is key. To ensure that the currency remains fungible the Zerocoin protocol will be implemented. The currency will maintain equal values irrespective of past transactions, as transactions will remain untraceable and anonymous. This allows STRAKS to protect its long-term market position.


  • STRAKS seeks to be 100% self-funded, it has one of the lowest PoW fees on the market. A 5% fee on PoW insures that STRAKS is well-funded through its entire lifespan. This will allow STRAKS to support product development, business development, and operational expenses.
Differences Between Other Cryptocurrencies:
Comparison Chart STRAKS Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash ZCash Vertcoin
Bitcoin Version 0.16.0
Block Size (MB) 4 1 8 1 2 1
Segwit Block Size (MB) 16 4 n/a n/a n/a 4
Block Time (Seconds) 60 600 600 150 150 150
Coin Base Maturity (Confirmations) 100 100 100 100 100 100
Transactions Per Second 133.3 3.3 26.7 13.3 13.3 13.3
Difficulty Algorithm D106 KGW D106 DGW Digishieldv3 KGW
Hashing Algorithm Lyra2rev2 SHA256 SHA256 X11 Equihash Lyra2rev2
ASIC Resistant x x x
Segwit x x x
Segwit2x x x x x x
Segwit4x x x x x x
Lightning Network Compatible x x x
Instant Payouts LN LN x InstantX x LN
Atomic Swaps x x x
Max Coin Supply (Millions) 150 21 21 21 21 84
Budget Funding 5% 0% 0% 10% 20% 0%
Masternodes x x x x
Zerocoin Protocol WIP x x x x x
Zk-snarks x x x x x

Wallet Downloads

Useful Links

Block Explorer:
Discord Channel:
STRAKS Discord Forums:
STRAKS Facebook:
STRAKS Telegram:
STRAKS Twitter:



Mining Information

Mining Pools






  • The easiest way to find your own STRAKS address is in the STRAKS Core wallet under the File -> Receiving Addresses tab.
  • Encrypting your wallet with a secure password helps ensure that your STRAKS can't be stolen. Do not leave your wallets unencrypted!
  • A community member currently hosts a STRAKS faucet found at . Please be sure to thank MrMcMichael for this service!
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Whole GPU Mining Rigs // New & Used Hardware // Turn-key Hosting

Greetings from ZoomHash, we are selling various packages of hardware and turn-key colocation hosting. We are offering whole miners, and new/used hardware. The miners and hardware are tested by our trained technical staff and are fully functioning. The hardware comes from a data center, not an at-home setup, and the hardware is being sold or hosted for reasons of expansion and liquidation.
Shipping cost will be calculated at time of purchase after determining the number of boxes, dimensions, and weight.
Customer will pay for shipping costs. And also has the option for different shipping carriers, select between USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We can determine what is the cheapest shipping method for you at time of purchase.
Prices for whole mining rigs are discounted, all of the pricing below reflects that already.
$750 (Price reflects discount for whole miner package) Sapphire or MSI R9 390 8GB GPU mining rig, includes: 6 x Sapphire R9 390 8GB GPU or MSI R9 390 8GB2 x 1000W or higher ATX AUX PSU - 80Plus Gold1 x ASRock H97 Anniversary or H81 Pro BTC Motherboard w/ 8GB DDR3 RAM, CPU w/ stock cooler1 x Set of risers and cables1 x USB drive with OS and mining sofware Our stock listed below is separate from our "whole miner" packages. We have lots of hardware for sale!
$100 (Price reflects discount for whole miner package) 250 MH/s Antminer L3 Scrypt Miner: 1 x Antminer L3 Scrypt Miner1 x 1200W PSU $1200 for lot of 10 [BRAND NEW] Sapphire R9 390 8GB GPU [254 in stock]MSI R9 390 8GB GPU [43 in stock] $1000 for lot of 10 Sapphire R9 390 8GB GPU [138 in stock]MSI R9 390 8GB GPU [74 in stock] $1000 for lot of 10 ASRock H97 Anniversary Motherboard w/ 8GB DDR3 RAM, CPU w/ stock cooler [49 in stock]ASRock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard w/ 8GB DDR3 RAM, CPU w/ stock cooler [12 in stock] $500 for lot of 10 1350W ATX PSU, Platinum rated [89 in stock]1250W ATX PSU, Gold rated [5 in stock]1200W ATX PSU, Gold rated [20 in stock]1200W or more non-ATX PSU for Antminer L3-
Any inquires on purchasing hosting and/or hardware, or current inventory, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website and use our contact page.

Save with the turn-key colocation hosting package: Purchase hardware & hosting together for discountNo shipping cost when hosting the hardware with usHave your miners online and running within 24 hoursGo as low as six miners for turn-key hostingSave from our standard rate of $85/kVA if you purchase & host them with us We have a team of on-site technicians that can maintenance your miners and hardware, Mon-Fri; 8am-4pm, for general maintenance, repair and/or replacement, at different technical support tiers for a fixed cost.

Thank you, ZoomHash, LLC
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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[Table] IAmA guy who accidentally started a candle making business while high. AMA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-06-20
Link to submission (No self-text)
Questions Answers
What was your initial goal when you accidentally made this candle business? Ie. A candle business seems hard to accidentally start :) My goal was to make candles for myself. I've always enjoyed burning candles, but was frustrated by the burn-quality and lack of scent given off by brand name candles. I ordered supplies to make 2 dozen lilac candles, forgot that I had done that, and 3 days later, boxes were on my doorstep. I asked my friends and family on Facebook if they wanted to try one. People liked the candles so much, they started requesting different scents. I now have about 40 scents to choose from.
Weird. When I was high I just ate a lot BBQ fritos and marathoned the shit out of the Simpsons. What scent is best for the summer?... In my bathroom. Grapefruit & Mangosteen. Clean, citrus-y, and refreshing.
How much money have you made so far? Do you sell them on the internet or locally? More importantly, can they get the smell of weed out of my room? I haven't made enough money to live off of, yet, but if I keep doing what I'm doing, I should get there in a few years. I sell them both locally, and on the internet. If you're in southern Wisconsin, I can direct you to some stores that sell them. Otherwise, this is my website. YES, they will definitely get the smell of weed out of your room.
Where is southern Wisconsin can you buy them? In Waterloo, you can get them at Piggly Wiggly, Deppe's Awards Plus, or the Antiques Mall. In Lake Mills, you can get them at the Water House Cafe. In Watertown, you can get them at Calico Cottage. (It's a wine store) And Sentry in Fort Atkinson.
Anywhere in Madison? Not at the moment.
Is there anything significant about the candles, or...? They are made with 100% soy wax. It burns cooler and longer than paraffin wax, and unlike paraffin wax, soy wax is renewable and not a byproduct of petroleum refinement. I also scent them heavily, which is, apparently, what people want in a scented candle or wax melt.
Proof? How would you like me to prove that?
For starters, a link to the company website. I'm Mack. I built this website myself, too. It's not the coolest, but pretty decent for not knowing anything about website building.
Here's a pick of some of my candle making stuff.
I would recommend changing the page to say "Hi reddit" at the top, so we know you have editing power. Check it again.
Pretty neat! How long do the tea lights last? And how long for shipping? (In AZ) They'll burn for roughly 5-7 hours. Shipping to AZ will take 2 days, I think.
Are you high now while doing this AMA? (Or were you 6 hours ago when it started?) Sober at the start... I plead the 5th, now.
How did you approach local stores to sell your product? I walk into stores with a couple candles in hand, and just start talking about my products to the management. I got lucky to start with, as my local grocery store is owned by the parents of a girl I went to high school with. That was a great foot in the door. Plus, through word of mouth, stores would contact me about selling my stuff. It's been a nice learning experience, for sure.
How do you market your product on the internet (besides reddit)? As for marketing, I've been interviewed by 3 local newspapers about my little business, and that certainly helped get the word out, as well.
It looks like you're using wooCommerce for your eCommerce stuff, how was the setup? And using woocommerce seemed fairly easy. I've never built a website, before, so I don't know what's good or bad, or easy or difficult. I wish I could be more helpful with that answer.
My Idiot Brother reference? Serenity by Jan.
What is the sexiest thing you've done with a candle? 14 hour sex marathon that involved a couple strawberry scented candles. That's all the details you're gonna get on that. :)
No of course not. Better question would be what were your intentions when you made these candles? I've always enjoyed burning candles, but after throwing tons of money away on candles that don't burn evenly, or put out a lot of scent, I decided to make my own. I love science, and chemistry, so this turned out to be right up my alley. I've put my candles up against Yankee candles, and mine burn slower, give off much more scent, are made with soy wax, and are way less expensive. Plus, I hand-make every single candle, myself, in my kitchen, with love. Sold almost 3000, in less than 2 years by offering a high quality product.
I've put my candles up against Yankee candles, and mine burn slower, give off much more scent, are made with soy wax, and are way less expensive. That nearly sold me. Then I saw you had a pear candle. Guess I'll have to try it out now! I just received an order for a Brandied Pear candle and 2 tea lights... Thank you! I truly appreciate your business. I'll toss in another candle of your choice, for the hell of it. (If you are, in fact, the person who just ordered...)
Awesome! do you ship to Canada? I can. Shipping internationally is a little expensive, but if you are interested, I'll split the cost of shipping, with you.
How would you ship it? (Ideally UPS since I live near the UPS store), and what would it cost to ship to Montreal, Quebec? If it's not too much, I'll order one or two tonight. Send me a PM to set this up if you'd prefer. I'll look into all options, and get back to you. Thanks!
UPS's cheapest option from Wisconsin to Montreal is $25. I'm gonna keep looking for something cheaper.
Lets just say I bought a couple of jar candles, just how expensive would shipping be? I live in Alberta. I also noticed your order form only has US listed for shipping. Another Canadian asked me about shipping to Montreal, and with UPS, it would be $25. I have the US as the only option, because international shipping is very expensive. I'm going to price other places, and hopefully I can find something much cheaper than that. I'll keep you informed.
What's the best way to pass a urine drug screen? Abstain from drug use, obviously.
What Scents would you suggest for hiding unwanted(weed) smell? Nag Champa, Midnight Lake, Caribbean Teakwood, or Hazelnut Coffee are some of the "heavier" scents that are good at masking unwanted odors.
Okay what the hell is cherry crumb pie? it sounds amazing. I just ordered a giant one of it and then some tealights. It smells like cherries. :) People really like it. I hope you do, too!
RL friend, I can verify he did. Picking some up later this afternoon...
Haha, what? That's my question. What? Exactly!
No bacon scented candle? I can get that scent if you want it. People ask about it often, but nobody has shown serious interest.
Are there cookie scents? I might be interested... I can get cookie scents... What were you looking for? I'll order any kind of scent for you if you're a serious buyer.
I'm not sure if I'll buy, but I love the smell of freshly baked cookies. How much are they and what is the shipping? Or does the shipping vary? 8oz jar candle is $10, 12oz tin is $12. Shipping is $8 via usps.
What is your biggest regret? Not doing this sooner. I've learned a lot about running a business, building a website, selling my products to stores... It's been an all around great experience, and I wish I would have applied myself at an earlier age.
What is your least favorite common candle scent? Anything coffee related. Some people ONLY order the coffee scents from me. I think they're crazy...I can't stand the smell of them.
So, this has not been asked yet, how did you get into selling the candles. I mean what idea drove you to do this while being high? I was staring at a Glade candle for a while, and I realized it wasn't burning evenly, and I couldn't smell it. That inspired me to make my own. Then, people that I gave some away to, started buying them from me. It's been snowballing from there ever since.
How much product have you sold since you posted this AMA?? A few dozen candles, so far. It's been a great experience.
If offered, would you take your business on a show like Shark Tank and expand nationally? Or are you satisfied with a more low-key business model? I would be interested, but I know I would never get an offer...there's nothing proprietary about my products, and the market is already packed with competition. My appearance would merely be about exposure. The more charming and charismatic I was, the more viewers would want to buy my stuff. I could make a pretty penny off of that kind of exposure.
I am gonna order a couple for my dorm. Any suggestions?? Depends on what you like... Light and clean? Fruity? A heavier, manly scent? Flowery? My favorites are Strawberry, Oakmoss & Amber, and Grapefruit and Mangosteen.
I've never heard of soy-candles before. Is that a large part of the candle market? Maybe that's something you should emphasize in your advertising... It's a growing part of the market. I think paraffin is still the main wax used by big companies because it won't spoil. Soy, on the other hand, will.
The benefits of soy are numerous. Paraffin wax comes from crude oil, so it's not renewable; soy is. Soy burns cleaner, with none of the carcinogens of paraffin wax. Soy wax, obviously, comes from soybeans. Buying soy candles supports American farmers. Soy burns slower and cooler than paraffin wax. I could go on... ok, I will. Soy is nontoxic and biodegradable; paraffin isn't.
Try one sometime - even if it's not one of mine.
Also on a side note can I also get a free candle, because I was gonna order 2 or 3. Edit: Well I just ordered, thanks for the advice I followed your suggestions. Absolutely. Everyone that orders as a result of this AMA will receive some free stuff. Tell your friends...
I'll have to check in closer to Christmas- my mom loves candles. :) I usually have a sale leading up to Christmas. I announce sales on the Facebook page. "Like" it, and stay informed. I'll keep you...posted...
NP man I love supporting independent businesses. And I told a large number of people. I live in cali most of the year and we smoke a lot so we always have candles burning. Depending on the quality you'll probably make at least a couple new customers. I'll do my best to not disappoint.
If you had to honestly rate your candles what would you rate them out of 10? And how did you accidentally make a candle business when you're high? I'm interested. I would rate my products at an 8. They burn evenly, emit a lot of scent, are reasonably priced, and are made with top-quality soy wax and true to life scent oils. But, it doesn't matter what I think of them. The only thing that matters is what you rate them.
Not sure if you'll respond since you put this up several hours ago but here goes. I am willing to give your product a try to see if it is in fact superior to the Yankee tarts that I am currently using but I had a couple of questions first. I'll keep responding to questions as long as people are asking them!
The wax melts I'm guessing are the same thing as tarts. I noticed they are $8, is that $8 for one of these things or do they come in 6 packs like on the picture? Wax melts are the same as tarts. For $8 you get one pack, which is 6oz. Sentsy, for example, sells theirs in a 3.2oz pack for 5 or 6 bucks. Mine are a better deal, and I've been told they last longer, too.
I can usually get about 2 tealight's worth of scent out of a Yankee, although the second tealight's worth is definitely not as strong as the first. For the wax melts, how many tea lights on average do you get out of one before having to toss it and start with a new one? I don't understand your second question. Sorry.
Do you sell unscented warming tealights? I have that kind of melter, I don't trust the plugin ones because all of the outlets are near the floor and I have cats, I can just envision one of them knocking into it and starting a fire or something ;). I can certainly make unscented tealights for you.
I like outdoorsy (wood and leather and such), weather based (rain and such), and some fruit scents, which of your products do you recommend in these types of categories? And my scent recommendations would be Oakmoss & Amber, Ocean Mist, and Grapefruit & Mangosteen.
Would you consider marketing your candles as scentsy does? I've wondered abut their MLM "plan", but then I saw that they made Inc's top 500 Link to I've got a ways to go before I aggressively market my products. Word of mouth has been giving me a growth rate that I can keep up with. The last thing I want to do is bite off more than I can chew.
Have you considered adding rings to your candles? Some of the rings can be $1 and some can be $5,000. This will make your business boom! (tongue in cheek :O) Given the circumstances that lead to me becoming a candle maker, people have suggested I put joints in some of the candles.
Can I get a promo one? Haha. Come to Wisconsin to pick it up, and yes, I'll give you one to try.
No shit! I buy your candles! :) Your stuff is awesome. So what did you think/do when you finally realized what you'd done? Did you ever consider a candlemaking business beforehand? PS: Nice job on the website, is this new? I'm impulse buying the shit out of some candles. Small world! Do you buy them from a store in Wisconsin? I built the website in December, I think it was. I still haven't wrapped my head around all this. It's crazy that it's happening. I never once thought I'd make candles. Never. It just sorta happened...
I bought them from your Facebook, found it on Reddit awhile back, gave a bunch as Christmas presents. Any plans to put a suggestion box up on your website, or any way that we could suggest scents? I love White Gardenia, so I was going to suggest it. A suggestion box is a great idea. When I get some free time, I'll look into adding that to the website. Thanks for the advice, and thanks for buying my stuff!
How do you handle summer shipping? I may order a couple, but I live in Tennessee and we're in the upper 90's and I worry that they would melt. The melt point of the jar, tin, and tealight candles is low...about 120°f, so melting is a possibility. The jar candles lid seals tight, so even if they melt, it wont make a mess. The other two might get messy. The wax melts use a blend of soy wax that results in a little higher melt point. About 125°f. The pack seals pretty tightly, but would probably make a mess if melted. Jar candles are the safe bet. Hope that helps!
Do you recommend the Day at the Spa candle? It sounds amazing! I've never been to a spa before, but everyone tells me it smells like a spa. I think it smells great. It's very clean and uplifting.
I got so excited that I ordered before your reply haha. Good idea coming on Reddit and spreading the good word! I wish you lots of luck with your business. I'm excited for my candles! How long does it generally take to ship? Depends on where you are. Shouldn't be more than 3 days, though. I'm in Wisconsin, so being in the middle of the US helps.
You mentioned on your site that brand-name candles under perform. me being a person that only lights candles during blackouts, i have no idea what makes a good candle. so tell me, what makes a good candle? If it's a scented candle, it should be able to fill a room with scent, and no matter what, the candle should burn evenly all the way from start to finish. There should be no wax left on the sides of the container as it burns down. In my opinion, that's what makes a good candle.
Considering buying your Lavender candle and maybe some tea lights. How close is the Lavender smell to the real thing? Some candle companies botch Lavender candles and they're my favorite to buy. I don't know what real lavender smells like, but the people who have bought my lavender candle say it's pretty accurate. I get a lot of repeat buys on that scent, so I think it's good. I like it. It smells good, and not perfume-y or fake. Hope that helps!
As a beginner, what should I be melting my wax in? Use a double boiler system. Put a few inches of water in a large pot, and get an aluminium pitcher to melt the wax in. The aluminum pitcher sits in the pot of water. Wax is combustible, so the water in the pot prevents the wax from getting over 212°f.
Do you have any employees? None. It's just me doing everything. Plus, I work a full time job, too. It can get hectic, but it's worth it. I like knowing that I create something that people respect enough to continuously buy. That makes sacrificing sleep worth it.
I've put my candles up against Yankee candles, and mine burn slower, give off much more scent, are made with soy wax, and are way less expensive. My fiancee and I LOVE burning candles, but she has a hard-on for Yankee Candles. Since reading the above, come time to purchase more candles, I'm gonna flood your order queue. :D. What's your best recommendation for a Fall scent? Autumn Magic, Cranberry Marmalade, and Cracklin' Birch are popular fall scents. I look forward to seeing if my candles pull you away from Yankee. I'll do my best to not disappoint.
Did you ever think of expanding the buisness and maybe shipping to europe etc.? International shipping is very expensive. I live in Wisconsin, and the cheapest shipping I've found to Canada is $25. I imagine Europe would be a lot more. Hopefully someday...
What one would you recommend for a mom? My moms birthday is coming up soon. I have no idea what your mom likes. Maybe you can ask her what she likes, and then get back to me. If I don't have it, I can find it. Let me know!
You'll have no problem pulling me away from Yankee. Given your price-point and propensity for being liberal with the scent aspect of it, I'm sure I'll get her on board. If it's gonna be a while before you order, try to remember to leave a note on your order that mentions you seen me on Reddit. I'm giving free stuff to people that have ordered from seeing this AMA.
So you make your candles by yourself not like those companies that make them in factories etc. That's hardcore. Everything is handmade by me. In my kitchen. While I listen to Pantera.
DoobieRoller, are you going to make a Doobie scented candle. I've tried a couple different marijuana scented oils, but they don't smell like the real thing. I wont offer a scent if it doesn't smell as close to the real thing as possible. This is more of a fall scent, but my pumpkin pie candles smell exactly like the real thing. You can smell the spices, and crust...
Yea, cuz thats what people need, candles MAKING their room smell like weed I actually get a lot of requests for that scent. Some people just like the smell of weed, but maybe can't smoke it because of their job, or something...
I think this is so cool I've already picked out 3 candles I want. Will be purchasing as soon as I get paid! And I'll throw in something extra when you order! Just let me know that you saw me on Reddit.
Np! I would love to know more about the overall process, how long to make a candle and how do you know how much scent to put in. I also would like to know what you changed so the candles would burn evenly. The process is fairly simple, but you need to pay close attention to the temp of the wax. Soy wax is picky about bonding with other molecules...the temp of the wax when you add the scent is crucial to making a candle that will give off scent while burning. And you need to be gentle with the hot wax while you're stirring in the scent oil. To get the candles to burn evenly required a lot of trial and error on wick types and sizes. There's a lot of experimenting to be done in this line of work...and I love that. The time it takes to make them depends on the size of the batch. If I make just one candle, its about 30 min from starting to melt the wax, to pouring it into the container. Larger batches take more time, obviously.
Are there any stores in IN that sell them... If not I'll go online. I only am in stores in Wisconsin, so far.
So can your candles be used to smoke... Are you asking if you can smoke my candles? I don't know about all that, but if I didn't put scent oil or dye in them, you could eat them. They are made with 100% soy wax. I do not recommend eating a paraffin wax candle, though. You will get very sick. Now, think about the wax particles you breathe in while a candle is burning. Wouldn't you rather breathe something that is safe to eat, or something that is a toxic byproduct of petroleum refinement?
If you ever get on shark tank you might want to leave that whole being high part out. I'll think about it, but can't promise anything...
Too bad it isn't available to Europe. Or well, you probably could send it to Europe but the shipping cost will be probably too expensive. But I agree with your vision. I can barely smell the scented candles I occasionally buy. Keep going and hopefully you can make this your fulltime business. Thank you! Yeah, international shipping is way too expensive. Just going from Wisconsin to Canada is $25. Europe is probably much more.
Best candles I have tried in my 32yrs of existence! User name is a dead giveaway! Lol.
I am very late to this, don't have any questions but do have a suggestion. I noticed no one mentioned etsy, which is a great place for people like you, small homemade goods producer, to sell stuff. you should check it out if you have not. I looked at etsy, and there are tons of people already selling candles on there. What would make people want to buy mine, when that site is already saturated with similar products? Maybe I don't understand what etsy is or how it works...
When you're running a webshop you usally need some legal notices. Else you might encounter some fines. I bet it's the same where ever you live. Care to elaborate on that?
Will / would you ever consider bitcoins as a payment for your products, all of us over at /Bitcoin would love to hear new businesses joining us! I've never heard of Bitcoin. I'll have to research what it is and get back to you.
No you didn't. Oh yes I did.
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